My name is Lori Gum and I have been a fishmonger at Whole Foods Market on Lane Ave just outside of Columbus, Ohio for the last year and a half.  I have learned much there but I also spent most of my childhood and adolescence catching, cooking and eating  freshwater fish. It was also the grand passion of my grandparents which they shared so lovingly with me. And they taught me well.

I very much want this blog  to be place where we can share ideas, information, concerns and solutions about how to cook (and catch) sustainable fish and seafood! Furthermore, I so believe that if we care about what we eat, we will also care about where our food comes from.  And in this case, it is our oceans.

What qualifies me to write this blog? Nothing, really, except passion.

“Catch. Cook. Commune.” I mean that most sincerely. Especially the commune part.

So, please join me on this adventure. And always… I would love to hear from you!

Oh… not that this has anything to do with seafood,  but I am queer. And proud of it. Just thought ya should know!

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